Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sweet Home Alabama

I thought I'd finally show some pictures of where we're staying right now.  We're pretty much out in the country in Tanner, Alabama.  The closest large towns are Athens and Decatur.
Here's where we have parked our 5th wheel - not exactly the resort we stayed at in Florida!
However, the price is reasonable, the people are friendly, and the park is quiet...........
.............except when the tornado siren screams and we all have to race for the shelter.
In fact, I had to do that one day last week.  We're bracing for more severe storms tonight.  I just hope we don't have to crowd in with 300 other people in their pajamas!
Two years ago, on April 27th, while people sat shoulder to shoulder on these benches, the park above them was destroyed.  There are still lots of empty spaces where mobile homes once stood.  We are located in a real "tornado alley."
On the plus side, Hubby is enjoying his work at Brown's Ferry Nuclear Power Plant.
There are so many guys he knows from Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant in Arizona, they have dubbed it "Palo Verde East."
We're making sure to get in our sightseeing though.
Civil War sites abound!
So do beautiful old homes.
These are in the Decatur Historic District.
If only I could see inside!
They have house tours for Christmas.  I'm hoping they have one for spring too.
Of course, I've just begun to shop!  These are spent bullets from the Civil War I purchased for the grandsons, but they will have to wash their hands after handling them since they're made of lead.
We also got these "cannon" pins for their "Junior Ranger" vests.  Richard had to have the Confederate Flag pin for himself.  According to the curator at the museum where we purchased it, the real Confederate flag is actually square, not rectangle, like we usually see it displayed.
We continued our tour of the south last weekend with a visit to Shiloh National Military Park - but more about that later.


  1. 5 days and counting...and I gotta get into those houses!!

  2. You sure do lead an "exciting" life, tornado sirens & all... :D

    The exteriors of those houses are quite tantalizing! I hope you can get some tours in while you're there.

    Stay safe in the storms! (Does Miss Maggie mind being down in the shelter?)

  3. Beautiful homes. The architecture is amazing.

    I sure would not want to be living in tornado alley. Glad you at least have an adequate shelter there. Hope no real bad storms come your way.