Friday, April 5, 2013

New Orleans

After our visit in Mobile, Alabama we continued our trip home with a quick stop in New Orleans.  Whenever we were pulling our 5th wheel to, and from, Florida we would by-pass the city, but traveling home in the car we could finally have a look at the famous French Quarter.
The Quarter was all decked out for Christmas but what I was interested in was - breakfast!
Naturally, we headed straight for Cafe Du Monde and their famous beignets.  We joined a long line of people waiting to get in.
We soon had our own plates of the delicious french pastry and cups of cafe au lait with chicory.  Yum!
Thus fortified, I could enjoy the view of the church and carriages around Jackson Square.
A Mississippi Riverboat waited for passengers.......
.......artists tried to sell their work.........
......and Hubby toted my gift shop purchases.
This statue of Andrew Jackson, the hero of the Battle of New Orleans, was erected on the square in 1856.
We had other places to visit before reaching Arizona so we waved "good-bye" to Cafe Du Monde and headed out of town...........
....past the statue of Joan of Arc, a gift to New Orleans from France in 1972.
Our next stop was completely unscheduled, but was my absolute favorite - a real southern plantation!


  1. Just like I remembered, especially the pastries:)

  2. Never been there but love to see pictures. I think it would be worth visiting just for the beignets!!

  3. awesome ~ but I'm saving my comments for the plantation post... ;)