Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Keeping the Home Fires Burning in October

It's hard to believe that it's already been three weeks since our newest grandson, Caleb, was born.  I've put a lot of miles on my car since then just going to see him!  During that time Hubby came home to see his new grandson.  However, I kept him busy with other things too.
The day after he arrived back in Arizona our community had a huge garage sale at one of the rec centers.  We packed up our "treasures" before dawn and set up in our designated parking space to peddle our wares.  Hubby stood watch while I did some shopping.
There were lots of other people with things to sell.  We did pretty well but a lot of our profit was spent on something I just couldn't pass up.
I remember sitting at a school desk like this one so I had to have it.  I still haven't decided where it will permanently reside.
Hubby finally made it over to see Caleb and enjoyed every minute with him until time to head back to Florida for a little while longer.
Shortly after he left, we celebrated a birthday with Caleb's big brother, Joshua.
Joshua helped make his own cake - orange - his favorite color.
Then it was time for Halloween.  Joshua went to school dressed as Superman - after his Mom talked him out of wearing his suit and tie and going as "Church Guy."
Caleb didn't need to dress up!
Then I was off to trick or treat with our oldest grandson, Jacob.  He dressed as Thor and declared that he was not afraid of anything!
Even though he wasn't afraid of anything he still had his Dad to protect him.
Now we're gearing up for Thanksgiving and Hubby's return from Florida - at least for a week.  We're spending the day thanking God in our 5th wheel at yet another campground.  This time we'll be joined by our daughter, son-in-law and "Thor."  I guess we haven't been camping enough!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Welcome Baby Caleb!

Caleb Jace arrived yesterday morning weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces, measuring 19 and a half inches long.  We are all so excited!
We were surprised at how much he looks just like his big brother did when he was a baby.
Joshua loves his new brother.
I enjoyed some Grandma time.
Dawn enjoyed some Auntie time.
Mom, Gayle, said "no pictures yet!"  She's going to take some time to recover.  I'm off to spend the night at the hospital with daughter and grandson so Daddy, Jason, can get some sleep.  Proud Papa (Hubby) flies in this weekend to meet his new grandson.  It promises to be a busy week!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Waiting For Baby Caleb

I'm sitting here at the computer waiting for a call from my son-in-law announcing the newest member of our family.  It's a little difficult to focus on much else but I thought I'd show what I've been doing since arriving home in Arizona.
One weekend my oldest daughter, Dawn, and I went to a wonderful little sale called "Junk in the Trunk" at West World here in Phoenix.
I just couldn't pass up this old telephone.  I'm not sure where I'm going to hang it but I love it.
We also couldn't leave this re-furbished chest of drawers behind.
It now resides in my oldest grandson's bedroom.
I've also shopped the local estate sales where I found this couch and a matching love seat.  I came back on the last day of the sale and got them both for half price.  Now I just have to get the old couch out of the living room!
I've had fun with the grandsons too.  This is Jacob - proud owner of the chest of drawers desk.
Joshua is waiting for his new brother, Caleb, to arrive today.
Caleb may have a tough time keeping up with these two!
The call should come any time now!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Visiting Hubby in Florida

Hubby and I couldn't be apart too long, so I hopped on a plane and spent 10 hours (thanks to a airline delay while changing planes in Chicago) traveling to Palm Beach International Airport.   The 5th wheel is safely stored here in Arizona so Hubby rented a park model at the same RV park we've lived in for the past year and a half. 
Here's Hubby's new abode with our little green car parked out front.
He even has a barbecue grill and picnic table in the back.
You enter through the enclosed patio or "Florida Room."  He even has a washer and dryer so he doesn't have to go the the laundromat.  I'm jealous!  He can do his laundry in air conditioned comfort and watch TV while folding clothes.
I didn't even notice, when I rented the place for him, that there were no blinds or curtains on the windows.  You could clearly see in from the outside when the lights were on!  For an inexpensive way to keep from "flashing" the RV park (not that he really cared) he is relying on the tried and true aluminum foil.
The living room is open to the kitchen where Hubby is trying his hand at making his own meals - a new experience after 37 years!
He hasn't even ordered a pizza yet!
The man that owns the place spent a lot of money retro-fitting it for his handicapped wife, even installing a lift for her wheelchair.
I don't know what happened but the neighbors next door said the couple were there only three days before they had to leave, so everything is like new.
I snapped a few pictures around the park.  This is the pond where we had our 5th wheel parked.   It completely overflowed, flooding all the streets around it, when Hurricane Isaac came through the Gulf headed for Louisiana.  It's not going down very fast!
Maggie and I would have a little trouble finding a dry spot in the dog walk area too.
Drivers are still dealing with water in the streets.
I'm back home again (only 6 hours of travel on the return trip), expecting our 3rd grandson in less than two weeks.  The adventure continues!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

Before Hubby and I hauled the 5th wheel home ahead of Hurricane Isaac we visited St. Augustine where we saw the lighthouse, built in the 1870's, and the home the lighthouse keepers, and their families, lived in.
Since working the lighthouse was a full time job, keepers lived on site with their families.  Wives, and children over 12, were also required to know how to run the site in the absence of the keepers.
This is actually the back of the house facing the lighthouse.  It was built in 1876.  Two smaller buildings on either side of the house are the kitchens.  The Head Keeper and his Assistant lived in the duplex and the 2nd Assistant Keeper lived in a room upstairs.
It isn't really known how the house was decorated so it has been restored and furnished with things the families might have had.  The winding staircase leads to the basement.
I sure wouldn't mind having that sofa in my living room!
I thought this dollhouse in the shape of a lighthouse was unique.
Here are some possible things they might have had to amuse themselves.
In the basement were even more exhibits.
After touring the house we headed across the yard to the lighthouse.
In addition to tending the lighthouse, the keepers had to maintain signal buoys and channel markers and attempt to rescue shipwrecked sailors.
These are just the beginning of 219 stairs.
Hubby and I took advantage of every landing to catch our breath!
I really wasn't sure I wanted to make the 14 story climb.  It's a long way!
Going higher........
.............and higher.
I made it!
A long way back down.
Back on ground we bid good-bye to St. Augustine and headed back to Juno Beach  -  but not before taking a picture of this fellow advertising a local alligator farm. 
I'm taking some time off from the grandkids and redecorating the family room to fly back to Florida this weekend to enjoy some time with Hubby.  See you next week!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Going Home Ahead of Hurricane Isaac

I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks since we arrived back in Arizona after fleeing Hurricane Isaac.  Initially, we thought we could ride it out when they were predicting 40 mile per hour wind gusts.  But then they started predicting 65 to 70 mile per hour gusts and we just didn't feel safe remaining in our 5th wheel - so cross country we went.
We left Juno Beach in a driving thunderstorm that lasted for the next week.  After putting in a long 15 hour day, we finally stopped for the night at a campground in Gulfport, Mississippi.  Little did the residents of Gulfport know that the hurricane would change paths and head directly for them!
It's nice not having to unpack at hotels but there's always work to be done at the campgrounds.
I think Maggie was happy to be headed home.
Hubby did most of the driving but I actually took a couple of turns behind the wheel too.
Arizona seemed so far away.
Schulenburg, Texas had a nice campground.
They had some crazy looking ducks in their little fishing pond.
We had another very long day across Texas and overnighted in Deming, New Mexico.
"Are we there yet?"
Seeing this sign was cause for celebration!
Since arriving home, I've been putting things away and setting things in order.  I just don't know how we got so much stuff into our 5th wheel!  It was like combining two households.  Hubby has flown back to Florida to finish out his contracting job so we will be racking up those frequent flyer miles seeing each other every few weeks.
Meanwhile, back in Florida, the friends we left behind had to deal with the effects of Hurricane Isaac. 
My friend, Victoria, sent me this picture of her backyard.  Then, after she sent me this pic, they received an additional 10 inches of rain.  The RV park we stayed at is still dealing with flooded roads even now!
We aren't done with Florida though.  I still have to show pictures of our trip to the St. Augustine Lighthouse.  I may be home (at the moment) but the adventures continue!