Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Second Fawn in My Life......

Many years ago (I won't say exactly how many!) my grandpa was the head of a wildlife area for the Missouri Department of Conservation.  A doe was run over by a car leaving a helpless young fawn alone.  My grandpa and grandma raised it and named it Frisky Freddy.  It followed me everywhere like a dog.  On Tuesday morning, (many years later!) I was returning from walking Maggie when I spotted something underneath our 5th wheel.  It was tucked into the shadows next to the wheels and remained very still.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered this tiny fawn.  I thought it's back leg looked injured and went to the RV park office to find out what to do.  Soon Teresa (the owner of the park we're staying in) and I were on the phone only to find out that Pennsylvania doesn't have very many organizations willing to take in wildlife.  In fact, if the conservation department is called they will put any deer down.  I really do understand that they don't have the resources to care for injured deer, especially when Pennsylvania has SO MANY - but this was just a baby.

We finally got in touch with the right people - Red Creek Wildlife Center - only a couple hours away. They gave us instructions on how to capture and transport the baby and soon Teresa and I were on our way.

When we finally arrived they whisked the fawn away to an examination room.  They said it was a "she" and she had been attacked by dogs several days ago.  She had bite marks on her hind legs and back and some of the wounds already had maggots in them.  There's no telling how long she had been under our trailer because we had been gone since early Friday morning visiting our friends on Middle Bass Island in Lake Erie.  I'll be checking on her progress in a few days while my friend Ceekay is visiting from Arizona.  I'm falling so far behind in blogging and I still have to tell about our wonderful weekend on the island.  Oh well, another day.