Monday, May 13, 2013

We Did As Much As We Could Do!

I am so far behind in blogging but my dear friend, Ceekay, from ThinkinofHome, visited me for two weeks and we did as much as we could possibly do in the time allotted.
First up, was a road trip to Hannibal, Missouri to visit my parents.
We turned a one day trip into two, stopping at a historic schoolhouse, turned bed and breakfast, in Anna, Illinois.
While in Hannibal, we stayed at my parents' bed and breakfast, Robards Mansion.
It happened to be "Just Girls Weekend" and we enjoyed a performance of "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" at a delicious afternoon tea.
On our way back to Alabama, Ceekay got up close and personal with Superman in Metropolis, Illinois.
After a few days resting up from that road trip we were off on another one - this time to Tennessee where we toured Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville.
We didn't forget to tour the Parthenon either - this one for Ceekay's hubby.
In Columbia, Tennessee we saw historic treasures at President James Polk's home.......
......and antebellum treasures at a mansion called Elm Springs.
Back in Alabama, we finished up Ceekay's vacation with a tour of "Fighting Joe Wheeler's" home.
It was a busy couple of weeks.  Don't even get me started on all the antique stores we shopped at and wonderful little restaurants we ate at!   We had a wonderful time!


  1. You summed it up perfectly. I will link to you! And you picked great pics!! Love you and miss you....but I don't miss the rain....YET!

  2. Hi Sweetie!
    This was a treat to see where you went. Neat o. I have got to go to your Folk's Bed and Breakfast on our way to Saint Louis. Got to go stay there!

    All looked like nice places to visit.


  3. You two gals looks so cute swinging away! I'm sure you had a great time and I really like your snaps!
    Be a sweetie
    Shelia ;)