Tuesday, April 2, 2013

USS Alabama

My goodness!  Where does the time go to?!   Our time home in Arizona has come to an end - for now.   We have moved our 5th wheel to northern Alabama while Hubby works at Brown's Ferry Nuclear Power Plant.  I just arrived Sunday night and haven't done anything here yet except get organized so I thought I'd share some of the wonderful sights we saw on our way home from Florida last December.
We had driven through Mobil, and past the USS Alabama, several times on our way to and from Arizona so it was time to stop and check it out!
Hubby was like a kid in a candy store.
The Alabama was a regular floating city during World War II.
It has also served as location for several movies, including Under Siege with Steven Segal.
I liked the typewriters, although I can't imagine having to use them while in a rough sea.
Of course, it took a lot of food to keep the men happy.
There were a lot of dishes to wash......
and a really big galley (kitchen) to keep clean.
Can you imagine the snoring that went on in this room?!  It must have been deafening!
If you were in trouble you could wind up in the brig.
Every ship should have their own sheriff......
mail man..........
and doctor.
But, the most important person was the ship's captain.
Hubby could have spent all day exploring the Alabama but we had more places to see before reaching Arizona.  Coming up:  New Orleans, Houmas Plantation, The Alamo, and the San Antonio Riverwalk.  Whew!


  1. We have done the same thing - driven right by. Next time we get a chance we should take the tour. Thanks for sharing. Great pictures and lots of information.

  2. Hello!
    This post was fascinating to me. This is a world that I am not familiar with. I can only imagine.

    The snoring would have been awful. My snoring husband kept me up many a night until he started using his cpap that helps him breathe.

    Very interesting place to visit.
    God bless,

  3. o! wow!
    There are no words to describe how incredible that ship is. Thank you for the mini tour! (Richard looks a little too comfortable in the brig...)

  4. Ok....I had to ask Len, but I knew I had been on that ship. We went there bk..before kids! And we also went on the submarine that was by it....I am impressed with my memory!!