Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yesteryear Village in West Palm Beach - Part 1

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!  One of the things my Valentine and I enjoy doing is visiting museums and learning more history.  I'm glad we have so much in common with each other!  While we were at the South Florida Fair we had the opportunity to see Yesteryear Village.  It's located on the fairgrounds and only open during the fair or for tours with large groups, by appointment only.  It consists of historic buildings transported here from all over the state of Florida.

One of my favorite buildings was this General Store.

Naturally, I had to do a little shopping for the grandsons.

One building was dedicated to the history of phones.

I couldn't believe how many phones they had on display.

I laughed out loud when I spotted this orange phone - just like the one I gave to Ceekay for Christmas!

There were several early Florida homes to explore too.

I wish I had this bathtub in my home in Arizona!

However, I prefer the sinks I have at home now.

The bedroom was small but comfortable.

And the kitchen was well-equipped.  I actually have a turkey platter like the one on the wall.

Storage on the back porch.  See anything familiar to you?

All the modern conveniences!

Every village needs a church, and the fair even had gospel singing going on all day long inside theirs.

There were so many wonderful places to see in Yesteryear Village I'll have to continue another day!  Meanwhile, I'll go back to working on my Valentine Day's dinner for Hubby.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy it with your honey!
    We too, love doing the history/museum thing.
    We are lucky ladies for having great husband that are our friends, as well.
    Thanks so much for praying for Olivia! It means so much! She just went home. PLT

  2. May you have a sweet Valentine's Day!!!
    I would have enjoyed this village. Fun to see the rooms in the house. I like these historical homes because they give me decorating ideas!!! Love the Kitchen.

  3. WE had a wonderful Valentine too!!!
    Crystal River is up here from around us!!!

  4. Very interesting! Thanks for taking us on a virtual tour. I like seeing old places....Christine

  5. Those (bedroom/bathroom pics) remind me so much of the house we lived in (Historic Glendale) for our first 8 years of marriage. (Zach's bedroom even had an old sink like that...)
    What did you fix for Valentine's dinner?
    ♥ you guys!