Sunday, February 26, 2012

Finishing Up Yesteryear Village

We really enjoyed our visit in Yesteryear Village at the South Florida Fairgrounds.  They had so many interesting exhibits.

I attended a two-room schoolhouse very much like this one, in the Missouri Ozarks, when I was in 3rd and 4th grade.  They closed it after that and made everyone go into town for school.

I actually sat in desks just like these with holes for ink bottles.

According to the sign, this is the only desk known to have survived the 1928 hurricane in the Glades.

This was an old motor inn.  Instead of the porch they have added, you would park your car under the roof between the rooms.  I'm pretty sure I've stayed in motor inns like this one as a child when my family was on vacation.  My Dad would first inspect the room to make sure it was clean, and bug-free, before making the commitment to stay there.   No hotel chains then!

A distinctly Florida phenomenon is the hunting shack out in the swamp.

How would you like to share your bed with these creatures?

All the comforts of home.

Hubby was particularly intrigued with this stylish police car from the 1930's.

Of course, no village should be without a fire engine.

We finished up our tour with a visit to this small farmhouse.

No starched aprons in this kitchen but it still has everything you need to turn out a meal.

I'm so far behind with my blogging!  Since we visited Yesteryear Village in January we have been to Kennedy Space Center and taken an air boat ride at Okeechobee.  In a couple weeks we'll be cruising to the Bahamas for my birthday.  Life in Florida is very busy!


  1. Thanks for the tour. Your pictures were very interesting and enjoyable. Not sure I would want to stay in that swamp cabin though...yikes!!

  2. hmmmmmm -- guess I wouldn't be too happy staying in a hunting shack. That stove in the farmhouse, on the other hand, would make me quite happy!

  3. I can tell you guys are having a blast! Sounds like so much fun traveling around and exploring.
    Isn't it fun on an air boat! Have a great time in the Bahamas! Which island are you going to? I liked them both.
    Thanks again for praying for Olivia.