Thursday, February 9, 2012

Back at the Beach and The South Florida Fair

When we arrived in Juno Beach, back from our month in Arizona, we found the RV Park packed full of snowbirds.  There's not one more space to be rented!

We have new neighbors all around us - very active neighbors.  With everyone here for the winter, there is a calender full of activities in which to take part:  water aerobics, volley ball, game nights, billiards, golf, line dancing, bar-be-ques, darts, shuffleboard, and lots more!

Block parties are held every Wednesday evening so everyone can get together to eat, socialize and have a fun time.  Last week, the neighbors on each side of us hosted the event, so it was held right in front of our trailer.

Someone even brought along a keyboard for a "sing-along."  A good time was had by all!

Despite all there is to do here right now, we continue seeing everything we can while we're living in Florida.  So a couple weeks ago we drove "Pie" over to the South Florida Fair, in West Palm Beach, to see how they do fairs in this state.  One thing we don't see on the way to the fairgrounds in most states is this particular airplane.

It was parked on the tarmac at the Palm Beach International Airport. 

Hubby even turned Pie around so I could get a better look before continuing on to the fair.

The South Florida Fair had the normal Midway where you can try your hand at games and rides.

Then, there was an exhibit about Florida cowboys.  They call them "Crackers" here in Florida though.  They got the name from the bullwhips they used in herding cattle through the thick brush.

There was even a sea lion waiting to put on a show.

Somehow, I always find myself drawn to the livestock barns at any fairground!

Who can resist those little calves?

We spent most of our time at the fair in a section of the fairgrounds called "Yesteryear Village" but I'll have to post about that next week.   It's going to take a lot of pictures!

Meanwhile, we're back at the Beach and on to new adventures in Florida!


  1. the beach picture was just a tinge mean....I can hear and smell it....aaahhhh...oh, sorry, the view here is quite different!

  2. Sure looks like everyone is having fun at your park. I think I'd probably have to hide out in a quiet corner until things settled down some . I like to see the baby animals at the fair too. That's my favorite part except maybe for getting one of those ice cream bars covered with chocolate and nuts!!

  3. (OK -- keyboards in front of RV's has got to be my new favorite!)

    Did you get to see Mr. Trump at the fair? ;D