Monday, May 26, 2014

Washington's Headquarters at Valley Forge (aka The Potts House)

During the winter encampment at Valley Forge hundreds of enlisted men's wives followed the army year-round.  Some of the general officer's wives came on extended visits.  These included Martha Washington and some of her staff from Mount Vernon.

Unlike some of the officers who quartered with the general population, Washington rented this entire house for the duration of the encampment.

The rooms downstairs served as the command post for coordinating the daily operations of the army.

In addition to Martha and her staff from Mount Vernon, several of his junior officers bunked here too.

It made for a very crowded household.

Of course, George and Martha had their own bedroom on the second floor.  It was raining the day I took the picture so it's kind of dark.

The third floor of the house was used for storage and servants quarters.

An army travels on it's stomach - even if food is hard to come by.  The kitchen was seperate from the house, for safety, and connected by a walkway.  

Martha probably brought her own people to staff the kitchen.

Near the house a stable was built from the same materials as the house.

Also near the house is a statue of our first President.
 The statue wasn't the only thing erected to honor Washington.  Next time I'll post pictures of a beautiful church just down the road named in his honor.


  1. HI Candy and how interesting. I had never thought of Washington having to 'live' anywhere else but Mt. Vernon. :) This is so interesting and so much history to see. You do have the most fun. Thanks so much for popping in to see me and we're excited about our next adventure.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I had heard some of the wives followed. Very nice facility to stay when the soldiers slept outside or in tents. Enjoyed your tour! Neat to see the grounds and the rooms. I like seeing the time era. Blessings,