Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Covered Bridges of Columbia County, Pennsylvania

On Friday, Hubby and I decided to take a little driving tour and see some of the covered bridges this county is famous for.  There are 20 bridges within the county and four on the county border.  However, there are two more counties in the state with even more bridges!

There are actually two bridges here - the only twin covered bridges in the United States.  They were constructed in 1884 for $720 and named after John Paden who operated a nearby sawmill.

This is the Stillwater Bridge, built in 1849 for a cost of $1,124.

Not too far away is the Josiah Hess Bridge constructed in 1875 for $1,349.50 and named after the Hess family who owned a sawmill and farm nearby.

You can still drive across the Patterson Bridge built in 1875 for $804.

C.W. Eves built the Kramer Bridge in 1881 for $414.50 and named it after Alexander Kramer, a local farmer who also bid on its construction.

The next day's adventure took us to a little resort town with some big houses, but that will have to wait for another post.  Doing this one on my iPad has been a struggle!


  1. Great pictures:) We always look for covered bridges, they are always interesting.

  2. Those bridges are beautiful...but it was the cost of them that really amazed me. Can you imagine what something like that would cost nowadays? Great pictures.

  3. Are covered bridges always painted red?
    Can't wait for the big houses post!