Thursday, July 25, 2013

Visiting the American Pickers' Store in Nashville

After we visited Ryman Auditorium, and ate a quick lunch, we headed on over to Antique Archeology, a store owned by the guys on the TV show American Pickers.
We were surprised to see a line of people waiting to get in to the store.
We almost left without going in but I convinced Hubby to park the car and wait in the hot sun with me.  What treasures might await inside?!
I tried to coax a smile from him as we waited.  Did I mention it was hot?
We finally got close to the door..............
............and, at last, we were inside!  There was a local country band playing while people shopped.
Actually, it was half store half museum.  Lots of items were displayed from various episodes that were in Mike or Frank's personal collections.
Some "antiques" (Hubby called it junk) were available for purchase - if you had a LOT of money.
In an area of the country where you can find antiques at a real bargain, the prices here were outrageous.
They had a few things the common person might afford though.
Six postcards, a guitar pick and a refrigerator magnet later we were lighter by $20.00.  It was a nice place to visit and I'm happy we went - and, no, Frank and Mike were not there.


  1. Candy,
    I've only seen the show a few times, but thought it was fun to see so I'm glad that you got to visit this place. It would be fun to see.

    Hot weather aint my thang! I don't do well in the heat. Shade trees for me a cool breeze. You were brave to stand in the heat.

    Blessings to you,

  2. We used to watch that show all the time and enjoyed it. I can bet the prices are jacked up because of the popularity of the show. I'd still visit if I was in the area just to see it. Glad you had a good time and didn't lighten your wallet by too much!!

  3. I think I've seen that expression on Dad's face before... priceless! :-)

  4. I would like to see the store, but with the TV show I am sure the prices are through the roof.