Thursday, July 11, 2013

De-cluttering Robards Mansion and Guess Who Dropped In For a Visit!

Hubby and I spent the first week of July de-cluttering my Mom and Dad's house, Robards Mansion Bed and Breakfast, in the hopes of selling it.  Anyone looking for a huge historic house to buy?  We'll give you a deal!
The house was built by attorney John Robards, boyhood friend of Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain).
Mark Twain actually visited the home on his last visit to Hannibal in 1902.  John Robards' granddaughter, Sara, was dying and asked to see her favorite author.  He wrote about the visit in his autobiography and about the sadness of her passing.
But we were here to work and we tackled the carriage house first.
This photo was taken after we had a pickup load of stuff hauled away.
A few days later you could actually see the floor!
Then we tackled the double parlors.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take "before" pictures.  I purchased the mirror over the fireplace at an auction here in Alabama.  It matches the chandelier perfectly, but you'll have to check out their website at  for a picture of that.
We even did a little "tweaking" in the foyer.
Here's the "after."
Then we moved to the basement.  A huge house has a huge basement!
It all had to go!
Maggie gave it her approval.
We even had to change the bedroom we were staying in.
Originally, this was John Robards office/library and has a built in desk and bookshelves.
However, the worst area to clean out was the 3rd floor.  If it wasn't for the hard work of 8 people from an auction company we would have died climbing these stairs.  I won't even show pictures of the 3rd floor.  It will give me nightmares.  My legs hurt just thinking about it!
In the midst of all the work, Mark Twain dropped by for another visit.  After 111 years he had returned!
We felt like we had accomplished a lot when we settled our aching muscles into the car for the drive back to our 5th wheel in Alabama.  We may try to take it easy this weekend!


  1. Wish I were a LOT younger--my sis and I used to dream of owning a B and B--makes me ache just to think of those beautiful stairs!!! Marilyn---aka Baaglady

  2. Hi there, What a great job you did; I know it will definitely sell faster with the abundance of things removed(trying to say it nicely). What an incredible house; my hubby used to want to have a B&B but then we realized how much work was involved. No thank you.
    Thanks for sharing your parents lovely home with us. Hope you are all rested up.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. As crazy as I am about historical homes, I realize how much work goes into the restoration and upkeep. As you know, I live in one. Loved seeing that one. So much style! Twain looked no worse for wear after all these years. You were only about 3 hours from here!

  4. Dear One,
    You're hired!
    Can you come by on Thursdays and take this place by storm and clean and organize for me???

    In all seriousness, you have done a super job at the B and B.
    Beautiful home.

  5. Oh, but the behind the scenes story is so much more colorful!!

  6. ♥ that house! Wish I had a bajillion dollars so I could buy it & run it & live where it's cooler...