Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Historic Train Depot in Huntsville, Alabama

I'm ashamed to say that in all the time we've been in Alabama (with the exception of visiting a couple of Huntsville restaurants) we haven't done any sightseeing in Huntsville.  We decided to rectify that situation last Saturday.
Our first stop was the historic Train Depot Museum This depot was built in 1860 and was a major east west route for Confederate supplies and soldiers during the Civil War.
However, on April 11, 1862 the 500 Confederate soldiers stationed in Huntsville to protect the station awoke to see 5,000 Union troops headed their way.
The Southern soldiers wisely fled and Union troops captured the depot, effectively cutting off communication and supplies to the Confederates in this area.
Captured and injured Confederate soldiers were imprisoned on the 3rd floor of the depot.  Many of them whiled away the hours by writing or drawing on the walls of their prison.  If you look closely you can just make out the outline of the dove of peace.
Here's a copy of what it looks like.
There were lots of exhibits about the Civil War, life in Alabama and the history of the depot.
Finally, we headed outside to see what other treasures they had on display.
It was a little boy's dream!  All the train cars were open and you were encouraged to climb on, explore and otherwise imagine yourself in a train yard.
This "little" boy thoroughly enjoyed himself.
These train tracks are still used today but not the burned out freight depot across the tracks.
What fun Hubby could have had with the grandsons!
As an added bonus they even had a building filled with old cars.
Hubby was in hog heaven!
I think his imagination was working overtime.
Hubby wasn't the only one who could play!  All too soon it was time to head out to other adventures.  We made the most of our first visit to Huntsville!


  1. I can't believe you could actually sit in the cars...Len would love that place!!!

  2. Great tour. That museum is not to far from where one of our daughters live. We have been just once so far, but I am sure we will be back.

  3. You got to actually touch and SIT in the cars?!? Wow!

  4. That a girl, Candy. Behind the driver's seat! Neat vehicle.