Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Middle Bass Island - Part 3

There are some very interesting aspects to life on Middle Bass Island.  Right outside of Karl and Pat's house and, in fact, posted all over the island is a very interesting sign...............
The snakes may be a unique part of the island heritage but I don't want any in my yard!  Pat says they aren't poisonous but are aggressive and have a painful bite.

A big part of the human island heritage is the Lonz Winery - no longer in operation.  There are, now, wild grapevines growing all over the island.

The state is working to preserve the winery and the family mansion.

Karl assures me that they are making good progress too.

On the other side of the island is a peaceful enclave of historic homes that are still enjoyed today - primarily in the summer.

Karl's family had a home in this neighborhood and he enjoyed a boyhood running wild on the island during the summer.

We enjoyed a quiet Sunday afternoon wandering among the beautiful homes, talking to residents who were packing up to return to their homes on the mainland.

All too soon Monday arrived, and Karl and Pat took us back to the plane for the ride back to the mainland ourselves.

I took one last look at the baby Bald Eagle in the nest by the airport runway as Karl prepared the plane for takeoff.

We had one last look at Middle Bass Island as we headed for our car at the Port Clinton airport on the mainland.  We had a wonderful memorable weekend but it was time to return to Pennsylvania - and even more adventures!

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  1. Those snakes are a real pain! When we anchored our saiboat in the bay, the snakes would get onboard and lay on the swim platform. They were very agressive and difficult to move:(