Friday, July 18, 2014

Middle Bass Island, Ohio - Part 1

It's been so long since I blogged!  My friend Ceekay came to visit me in Pennsylvania for a few weeks and then I flew back to Arizona for a week.  While I was gone, the wifi in the RV park we're staying at went out and they haven't been able to get it fixed.  Next week we're moving to a new RV park where (hopefully) we'll have a dependable wifi signal and stronger cell phone service.  This weekend I'm taking advantage of the wifi in the hotel we're staying at in Gettysburg.  We just arrived here so no pictures to show yet, but I need to catch up on everything else we've done first!

It's been about a month since we drove to Catawba, Ohio to catch a ferry to Middle Bass Island in Lake Erie where we were going to spend the weekend with our friends Karl and Pat.  We just missed one ferry and was several hours early for the next ferry.  Karl said, "No problem.  I'll just fly on over and pick you up in our plane."

Before long we were on our way.  Normally, it's an eight minute flight but Karl generously gave us a wonderful tour.

Karl pointed out some of the smaller islands and then we flew around South Bass Island and saw the town of Put-in-Bay, a popular summer tourist destination.

Soon, we were flying over their home on Middle Bass Island.  That's a grass landing strip below, near their house.  They use the nearby paved airstrip now days though.

After landing and securing the plane, Karl gave us a quick tour of the island.  This is the former schoolhouse, library and community center.  It also serves as a meeting place for the church Karl pastors on Sunday morning.

If you need a book to read here's the place to come.  They even have a kitchen if you want to have a dinner.

The ladies on the island put together this quilt.  Pat's square is on the second row from the top and the third square from the left.  She sewed a house and a plane taking off from the island.  It's a beautiful quilt.  The ladies did a great job.

Here's where island meetings take place and churches come to worship on Sunday morning.  It was such a blessing to be able to worship with Karl and Pat at their island church!

Soon, it was time to head on over to their house where Pat was waiting with a delicious dinner in their beautiful home.

I think I could get used to this.

Their home is gorgeous and ..........

 .......the view is breathtaking!

The day wasn't over yet!  After dinner we drove over to the marina and toured the islands in their boat.

Middle Bass Island has it's share of summer visitors but is quieter and more laid back than it's counterpart to the south.  We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend in Ohio!

Next up: more island adventures!

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