Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona

The last week has been a whirlwind of activities - centered around family.  A week ago our son-in-law, Mike, called to invite us to join him, and our grandson Jacob, for a Diamondbacks game at Chase Field in downtown Phoenix.
The field has been here for 15 years but this was our first visit!
Jacob never passes up a photo opportunity.
It was a nice evening so we got to see the roof open up.
It really didn't take very long at all!
There was a little pre-game entertainment with "Bob" the bobcat, the Diamondbacks mascot.
It wasn't long before the teams took the field.  The Diamondbacks were playing the Washington Nationals that night.
No one got a run until the 5th inning, but the Nationals finally won the game 2 to 0.  I'm sorry the Diamondbacks didn't win the night I was there but I finally got to see the ballpark!


  1. You have never been there? Didn't you ever go with Desert springs? and when it was first done, L and R took a tour....behind the scenes! Wow, this is shocking!!

  2. Hi Candy. Take me out to the ballgame! Ballgames under a dome are unique and such fun! When we lived in Houston we visited under the dome and it was memorable. Time with Family is so important. Good for you.


  3. Jacob is just too cute!
    I'm so glad you got to see the roof open. Quite spectacular! (I think I've only seen it move once -- all the other games were much too hot!)

  4. You skipped the part where you cursed our D-Backs! But Jacob remembers... The other day we were watching the playoffs and he said, "Remember when Grandma's team won? That wasn't very nice." So you'll have to go again next season to redeem yourself. And hopefully the D-backs will win!!!