Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Camp Papa" at Dead Horse Ranch State Park

We have been making the most of our time with the grandsons while we're home in Arizona.  Hubby has been wanting to teach our oldest grandson, Jacob, to fish.  (An odd desire, since Hubby really isn't a fisherman himself.)  Jacob just happened to have "fall break" so we packed up the 5th wheel and headed north to Dead Horse Ranch State Park.
Traveling dog, Maggie, enjoyed the company in the back seat of the truck.
We stretched our legs with a hike after we set up camp.
Early the next morning (after a hearty breakfast, of course) Hubby started the fishing lesson.
They tried several different fishing spots.
And, at last, success!
Then - another one!
Flushed with success, Jacob kept at it.
After a picnic lunch we headed back to camp where we spent the rest of the day hiking and playing games.
The next morning, the lesson continued and Jacob became pretty good at casting.
However, all was quiet around the fishing lagoons.  None of the other fishermen were catching anything either.
Jacob finally decided to amuse himself with watching an otter swimming nearby and feeding the small fish near the shore while Hubby tried to catch his own fish.
All in all, "Camp Papa" was a great success and a good time was had by all.  By the way - the score was:  Jacob:  2 fish, Papa: 0.

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