Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Alabama Treasures

On Sunday, Hubby and I spent a delightful evening with my friend Ceekay and her Hubby.  During the course of our visit, Ceekay asked me what I had brought home for myself so I thought I'd show a few pictures of just some of the things I purchased while Hubby worked in Alabama.
One of my last purchases was this Dazey churn.  I had never seen a metal one before so it had to come home with me - plus the price was right.
This was one of my first Alabama purchases.  I still haven't decided where to hang it.
Our grandson, Jacob, was enraptured with the jar of marbles I brought home.  There are 227 - we counted!
When I was helping my Mom declutter her house she gave me wonderful old book.
She also gave me a Depression era goblet and creamer.  Then, I found more goblets and the wonderful little sherbet glasses at some antique stores.
I figured I could mix and match them with the six pink sherbet glasses I found at a store in Lynchburg, Tennessee.
Mom also gave me this delightful little pink Depression berry set.  They were found covered with dirt in a barn on my grandparent's farm in southern Missouri.
On one of our outings, when Ceekay came to visit, I found this silver sugar and matching scoop.
At another antique shop, Ceekay and I visited, I found this server at a bargain price.
Then, I ended up collecting mugs from Franklin, Tennessee, the bed and breakfast Ceekay and I stayed at, and Stones River National Battlefield.
Finally, I couldn't resist a set of wine glasses etched with Belle Meade Plantation's logo.
However, my shopping wasn't all about me.  I like to give all the neighbors a little souvenir of our time away from home, for keeping an eye on our place, so this time I brought home jars of honey from U.G. Mercantile in Athens, Alabama.  Then, I baked home-made loaves of bread so they would have something to put their honey on. 
There are plenty more Alabama treasures I purchased as gifts but they will have to remain secret -
for now!



  1. hmmmmmmmm... I got a wall hook thingy like that from the Hob Lob last year to hang coats & hats (dog leash) by the front door.

    Soooo jealous of all that gorgeous depression glass!!!!! If you run out of display space, I'll take care of some of that pink for you. :D

  2. I love the Dazey churn. Have you looked on Ebay about that puppy? Way cool!

  3. Very cool. Little Dude couldn't stop talking about the marbles!

  4. Hi Candy! Man, I wish I were your neighbor! The bread looks wonderful! You really found some beautiful things. Love all of that pretty depression glass.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Wonderful treasured items to enjoy!
    Have a super day,

  6. Bread looks wonderful! Care to share the recipe?