Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Good-bye Alabama

The government ran out of money so Hubby ran out of a job.  What to do?  Go home of course!  His last day at Brown's Ferry Nuclear Power Plant was a Monday so we took advantage of the weekend and re-visited one of my favorite Alabama towns.
The little town of Hartselle is an antique haven.
Main street is lined with antique shops.
I didn't have much room to bring more things home in our 5th wheel, but we did manage to make room for this treasure.
After a delightful morning shopping, we headed over to the Freight House for a delicious lunch.
Trains figured prominently in the history of many Alabama towns and Hartselle is no exception.
We spent the next few days getting packed up and ready to hit the road.  Our first night was spent in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Here's some pics of the very interesting "RV" that was parked next to us.
They had all the comforts of home.  I just wish I could have seen inside!
A few more uneventful days and nights on the road and we were soon greeted by this sign.
There's nothing like a warm Arizona rest area.  That's our rig in the photo.
We took extra time getting home because I had to follow behind Hubby in the car.  The cool pines of Flagstaff was our last overnight stop before heading down into the Valley of the Sun.  
We're unloaded (how did we get so much stuff in one trailer?!) and everything is put away (more or less).  Now we're catching up on visiting with the grandsons and doing things around the house.  It's nice to be home again!


  1. Candy, May this adventure be wonderful. Thinking of you as you migrate back to your homeland. I am sorry that your hubby's employment ended, but am in hopes that you both are blessed by this move home.

    The Antique shops looked awesome and I could get lost there. God bless and I'm praying for you,

  2. What a gorgeous tiered bon bon dish!

    One of the cable channels has a show about extreme RVs. Those rigs are unbelievable inside!

    (Glad you're home for a season.)

  3. We're happy you're finally home!!!

  4. It's always nice to come home. You've sure had some great adventures. I think I would have asked to see inside that big hauler. That's sure not something you see everyday lol!!