Thursday, August 2, 2012

Quality Mother/Daughter Time Together in Missouri - and Superman

I was so happy that my daughter, Dawn, flew from Arizona to be with us in Hannibal, Missouri when my Dad had a stroke and surgery.  She was a great help at the bed and breakfast and a wonderful support to all of us.  After staying a week, Hubby flew back to work in Florida but, before Dawn flew back to her family in Phoenix, she and I enjoyed a couple days of sightseeing in the St. Louis area.

After many miles driving down country roads, we finally found the house where Daniel Boone lived, and died, after leaving Kentucky.  This is actually the back of the house according to our tour guide.

This was considered the front of the home.  Originally, the house didn't have french doors.  They were added later.  They would have provided too many opportunities for the local natives to attack the residents of the home! 

Lindenwood University has moved several 1800 era buildings to form a little town near the Boone home.  This is the Old Peace Chapel built in the mid-1800s.  It served as a store and dance hall before it became a church 1905.

From Boone's home in the Osage Valley we headed to historic St. Charles along the Mississippi River to do a little shopping - or maybe a lot of shopping.

The many shops and restaurants were too cute to resist!

The next day, with the help of "Mr. Garmin," we found our way to a parking garage at LaClede's Landing and walked along the river to the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial where the St. Louis Arch is located.

This Lewis and Clark statue is next to the bridge that inspired the Arch.

I couldn't pass up a photo op of my daughter!

We toured the museum underneath the Arch before taking the ride to the top.  Did you know that the Arch is the tallest National Monument in the United States?  It's taller than Mount Rushmore, the Empire State Building, the Washington Monument, and any other monument you can name.

Finally, our time came to board one of the small (and I do mean small!) cars to the top.  We had to really bend over to keep from hitting our heads on the low door into the car.  There's only room for 5, preferable small, people - without claustrophobia - in a car.

At the top, you crowd into a small room, with a slanted floor, for your photo opportunities.

In the middle of this picture, taken out of one of the windows, is the Historic Old Courthouse where, in 1846, Dred Scott and his wife Harriet sued for and were granted their freedom.

For sports fans there's Busch Stadium in the distance.

On our way back to the parking garage we had the unique opportunity to walk underneath a moving train.  We just had to take a picture!

A week after Dawn was safely back in Arizona, Hubby flew back to Missouri to help me drive our car back to Juno Beach.  When we saw a sign advertising all things Superman in Metropolis, Illinois we just had to stop!

Here's my own Superman!

My Dad is leaving the hospital, and going home to Robards Mansion Bed and Breakfast, today.  If anyone would like to buy a bed and breakfast we'll make you a smoking deal!  Meanwhile, Hubby and I are headed to St. Augustine tomorrow so I can mark something else off my list of things to do while we're in Florida.


  1. Hi there, I loved seeing these photos; I've driven near the Arch but never toured around that area. What a special time for you and your girl, especially after helping out family. Your daughter is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. i love love saint charles!!!
    been there twice and hope to return and linger a long time.
    thx for sharing.

    i am very sorry about your Dad.
    God bless,

  3. Had to do a double take in the first pic posted of Dawn in the red and white striped shirt. She looks exactly like her mommy there. Glad you guys had some great times together.

  4. Wonderful tour and great pictures. There is NO WAY I would make it to the top of the arch! Glad you got the pictures and not me!! Great picture of your beautiful daughter under the arch. Do we have to call you Lois now that your hubby's true identity has been revealed?

  5. Richard's likeness to Superman is quite unnerving! :D

    How I wish I could buy that B&B -- I think I might have a $20 in my wallet...

    I always figured Daniel Boone was born in a lowly cabin similar to Lincoln's; not a huge 3-storied house with wrap-around porches & windows & all.

    I went up in the arch when I was 13 & I remember the car as being quite small.