Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kennedy Space Center

Back in February, Hubby and I visited Kennedy Space Center and I just didn't have time to blog about it then.  I'm finally getting around to it but, unfortunately, neither one of us can remember the details about the many pictures that I took.  Here's a sampling of what we saw though.

We had actually visited here many years ago with our daughters but the sign is still thrilling to see.

The Rocket Garden was first display we visited.  It contains many of the rockets that have been used over the years.

Hubby was fascinated with the history of each rocket.

He was like a kid in a candy store.

Then we had to see the lovely memorial to all the astronauts that have died.

Finally, we boarded a bus for a tour of the space center.

Here's the huge assembly building where they built the space shuttles.

We were fortunate enough to see the last two shuttle launches so it was thrilling to catch sight of this shuttle too.

Then we joined people from the other tour buses at the museum containing all sorts of space memorabilia. 

There was an entire room filled with space suits too.

They had old training gloves on display.............

.......shiny space modules...........

........and not so shiny modules.  Re-entry is tough on the shine!

There was even a van they used to transport the astronauts to the launch pad.

Unfortunately, by the time we finished our tour there wasn't enough time to visit the Astronaut Hall of Fame but I had to take a picture of the space shuttle sitting outside.

We had a great time visiting such a fascinating place and I was able to cross one more thing off my list of things to do while we're in Florida.

Last weekend we visited historic Fort Augustine but that's going to take about three posts to do it justice.  I promise to do it soon before I forget everything!


  1. What great snaps! We went to the KSC years ago. I'm sure it was a wonderful time.
    Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :0

  2. I know my boys would totally love all that! Thanks for sharing.

  3. It has been awhile since we have been there, thanks for the revisit:)

  4. Hi Candy,
    I loved our visit there! So much to see. It's only an hour from my Mom's.
    Hope your Dad is doing better! I've missed blogging with you.

  5. Those are some really interesting pictures. Lots of history there and so fascinating. Can't imagine how thrilling it must be to see those HUGE rockets in person.

  6. Now that looks like fun! hmmm, do they have a corn museum in Iowa??? just checking..I know, I am trouble!