Monday, October 3, 2011

Kayaking at John D. MacArthur Beach State Park

Last week I gave a little tour of this wonderful park.  This weekend, Hubby and I went back to try our hand at kayaking.  We've never tried it before and looked forward to another adventure!

We were out there, ready to go, as soon as the kayak rental office opened for business.  We opted for a two person kayak so we could be together on this new endeavor.  (Actually, I wanted to be able to rest when I got tired!)

It wasn't long before we got the hang of it and even went under Burnt Bridge - against the incoming tide!  Soon we were paddling around Lake Worth Lagoon.

As promised, we saw lots of wildlife like this huge osprey.......
and these pelicans.  They were all out trying to catch their breakfast. 

We saw fish jumping out of the water everywhere around us.  I don't think any of the birds went hungry!

All of the sudden, whole schools of fish would jump out of the water as if fleeing some unknown predator and jump in and out of the water for a long ways.  One time a school headed right for us hitting our kayak as I screamed!  One fish actually ended up in the kayak with me.  I'm sorry I didn't get a picture but I was busy trying to flip him back into the water with my paddle.

We finally reached Munyon Island where we beached our kayak on some fine white sand.  It is in an outlying part of the park that is only reachable by boat.

The tide was coming in so, on our way back, this part of the island was under water.

After cleaning the sand out of my shoes, and getting a drink of water, we headed out again.

A park ranger told us about a waterway into the interior of the island and we were soon paddling in some quieter water.

Eventually, we came to a bridge.

We beached the kayak again and did some exploring.

A boardwalk led to some boat docks and another beach.

Nature trails, a picnic area, and some signs explaining the history of the island were across the bridge.

There was once a hotel at one end of the island but it burned down almost 100 years ago.

Today, only birds, animals, and fish make the island their home.

All too soon our adventure was over and we could check something else off our list of things to see and do while we're in Florida.  One lady, who kayaks here every weekend, told me that in the cooler months she sees dolphins and lots of manatees.  She was even able to pet a baby manatee that came right up to her kayak.  Now, wouldn't that be an adventure!


  1. What a grand adventure! Those jumping fish were pretty cool...perhaps they were trying to get away from the monster than lives just under the surface?!?! Just sayin'....better keep that paddle handy!!

  2. Oh how fun! What a great experience! The surrounding looks so relaxing, beautiful, peaceful and serene. Love seeing all the wild birds...Christine

  3. Such beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing this beautiful place. Keith wanted to kayak when we were at Sunset Beach in June - but I declined...

  4. What a fun time! Happy for you guys!

  5. Yes, that would have been an adventure but I think yours was a pretty good one with the fish flying at you. I've never batted a fish before. lol Looks like another exciting day for you two!

  6. That looks like a lot of fun. we will have to try kayaking.

  7. What a lovely outing. You two must be have the greatest time!

  8. I am your newest follower and I want to follow you right down to Florida! What a wonderful adventure you are having. How fun to try kayaking. I can't believe the picture you did get of the fish flying out of the water and I don't blame you for not getting the one of the fish landing in the kayak with you.

    That sand is soooo amazing. You can tell from the pictures it is just wonderful. Have such fun.

  9. I am glad you stayed in the boat...cuz, those fish were jumping from something!! Looks beautiful though...above the water!!

  10. Can we go kayaking when I come back for a visit? Looks beautiful!