Friday, October 14, 2011

Home to Arizona - For a Few Days Anyway

We're leaving for Arizona this afternoon!:)  We'll only be there a few days but our daughter, Gayle, and grandson, Joshua, will be flying back to Florida with us for a little R & R.  Son-in-law, Jason, has to stay in Arizona to work though.:(   We're looking forward to seeing our other daughter, Dawn, her husband, Mike, and oldest grandson, Jacob, while we're at home too.  We can't wait!

Jacob - 4 years old

Joshua - 2 years old turns 3 this month!

As you can tell, I'll be a little busy but I'll be back to blogging again soon!


  1. What handsome young men!! So cute!! So glad you are going to have some of that "grand" time!! You all enjoy!!

  2. Have a great time with family and we'll see you when you get back!

  3.! If those two aren't their mini moms...

    Hey - does Richard want to take "Dusty" out while he's here? I don't think she's been out of storage for two years, or more...

  4. What cute little boys. I hope you have a ton of fun during your visit.