Monday, September 5, 2011

My Own Florida Treasures

I've done a little shopping since I've been here in Florida so I thought I'd show a few of my recent purchases.  However, I can't show the things I've purchased for gifts.  Too many of my friends and loved ones look at my blog and I want them to be surprised!

One thing I've enjoyed about this state is the fresh fruit and vegetable stands you can find everywhere.  I made these purchases at a Farmer's Market in Fort Myers.  That's homemade soap at the bottom of the picture.

I bought this painting at a huge Flea Market in  Fort Myers.  I think is it perfect for my Arizona home but it's taken up residence behind my sofa in the 5th wheel right now.

I found  this old dairy can at an antiques mall in Punta Gorda.  I plan to take it home and do a flower arrangement of some sort in it.

When we were in Key West, for Hubby's birthday, he bought me this silver Key West Love Bracelet.  You can only find them at two jewelry stores in Key West.  It's jewelry and a souvenir in one! 

At another Flea Market in Brandenton Hubby purchased this gold alligator necklace for me.  I'm a lucky girl!

Much less expensive were these little seashell bracelets I purchased a one of the many souvenir shops I've visited.

I found this little brass frog at that antiques mall in Fort Myers.  Ceekay from showed me how to really use these frogs.  The picture is of my two grandsons.

At another antiques mall (I don't remember where) I found three sets of these glass doorknobs.  I'm hoping Hubby can make them work on some doors at home in Arizona!

This weekend there was an antiques show at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds and I bought this matted photo of Flagler's Overseas Railroad.  Here, the train is crossing the 7-mile bridge.

I really, really, really wanted this one!  I think it would look perfect in my living room at home but I have no way of getting it all the way to Arizona.  Plus - where would it stay until I could  take it home anyway?!  But it was such a good deal!
It even had a matching chair.......sigh.

These are just a few of the things I've purchased for myself since coming to Florida.  Tomorrow we'll be without a home for a few days while our refrigerator is being repaired.  Maggie's heading to her kennel and we're heading to a hotel.  I hope it won't be too long!


  1. It is tough to pass on good deals, but being in an RV keeps those purchases under control:)

  2. Looks like some great finds there in Florida!! To bad about the couch and chair....they are really nice and in great condition!! sigh!!
    Love the vegetables/fruits that can be found in Florida!! We enjoyed that while we were there also. The only problem....they didn't last long enough for a picture!! LOL Enjoy!!

  3. Oh, what a post! Look at those beautiful veggies! I can almost taste homemade vegetable soup! :)
    Love all of those treasures! I'm like you - that sofa and chair is gorgeous! I love the olden look and those are beautiful pieces. Too bad you couldn't find a way to get them over home.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Pouting here....happy for you! Pouting for me...

  5. Totally ♥ your Key West love bracelet. (The alligator, not so much...) Who knew Mr. Sweet Meanderings was such a romantic!

    BTW - Those knobs are to die for!