Friday, September 16, 2011

Manatee Village Historical Park

Hubby and I love history so, while we were in Bradenton, we had to visit this collection of restored buildings from Manatee County's early settlements.

This was the first thing we saw at the park entrance.  I had a little trouble getting Hubby (big kid that he is!) to move on!

The 1903 General Store and Boat Works are next door to each other.  The upper floor of the store had rooms to rent to travelers.

You could buy just about anything.

The Blacksmith Shop wasn't too far away.  I had to pry Hubby away again.

This 1887 church is beautiful.
Weddings are still performed here today.

Here's the Courthouse, on the left, and the 1908 one-room Schoolhouse, on the right.

I could have been a judge - guilty!

One of our daughters is a teacher.  I wonder how she'd like teaching here!
She could have her own desk.

Unfortunately, the 1912 Settler's House was closed for renovation so we didn't get to go inside.
They did have some things on the back porch though.  I'm glad we don't have to wash clothes like this anymore!

This replica of a typical Florida barn sucked Hubby right in!
I wouldn't mind having a few of these antiques myself!

Last, but not least, the "necessary room."  It was a two-seater but, fortunately, other options were provided!

Next week - Manatees!


  1. I could have gone major shopping in that store!!

  2. Candy what a fascinating place! Like stepping right back into the 19th century. I'm with your hubby...You'd have to drag be out of each spot too *winks* Vanna

  3. What a wonderful tour Candy. I really love the old general store. Such fun.


  4. Nice tour! Thanks for sharing this very historic place with us. We love history too!!

  5. Loved the tour1 Our grandson would have loved seeing the train.
    I'd like to go shopping there, too!

  6. Totally love that church! & that "necessary room" is so much better looking than the one I grew up with on Grandpa's farm...

  7. Oh what a wonderful trip, Candy. I love historical places, we learn so much from them...Christine

  8. Hi Candy, your pictures were wonderful! I feel like I have been given the grand tour! I really enjoyed seeing the photos because my husband's aunt and uncle live in that same part of Florida and we haven't had a chance to go down and visit them just yet. My name is Delisa, I am 48 years old and live in Georgia. I was visiting Ceekay's blog and saw your comment. I was intrigued by the name you chose for your blog "Sweet Meanderings" and I thought I would pop over and say hello. You have a beautiful blog! I hope you have a lovely sunday evening! Delisa :)

  9. What an interesting post. Since we will probably never get to Florida, I loved reading about the history of this area.

    I got your site from your visit to mine. (Travels in Therapy) Thanks for stopping by.