Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to Key West!

The weekend before I left for Missouri was Hubby's birthday.  We couldn't be home with family and friends so we did the next best thing to celebrate - we headed for Key West!

First stop on our journey was Marathon Key for lunch at Burdines Marina.  When Ceekay, from,  was visiting me we discovered this culinary jewel so, naturally, I had to share it with Hubby.  The shrimp was delicious - again!  It's hard to find, but I highly recommend it.

Right after Marathon Key is the seven-mile bridge originally built by Henry Flagler for his overseas railroad.  After it was destroyed by a massive hurricane in 1935 it was modified and re-built for automobile travel.
An engineering marvel!
There's the old railroad bridge alongside the newer bridge.  After the hurricane, that part of the bridge was still so strong they laid the pavement for car traffic on top of the old bridge and used it for many years before building a brand new bridge.

When we reached Key West we checked in to the Seascape Inn Bed and Breakfast just off one end of Duval Street.  This is the entrance to our room.
Isn't it cute?  And they had a delicious breakfast every morning too!
They even made up a basket of healthy snacks with a birthday card for Hubby.

Before retiring for the evening, we took a little walk over to the historic cemetery.  Most people have to be buried above ground because the island is made up of hardened coral making it too difficult to dig very deep.
When they run out of space they just stack them up!

After a delicious breakfast the next morning, we headed out to explore Key West.  Imagine our surprise when we saw Ernest Hemingway's everywhere!  We happened to arrive in time for Ernest Hemingway Days, celebrating the author's birthday on July 21st.  There were about 200 Hemingway's in town to vie for the honor of being selected the best Hemingway look-a-like.
Celebrating Hemingway's birthday wasn't confined to a look-a-like contest though.  Food and craft vendors lined Duval Street as it was shut down for the "Running of the Bulls."
A good time was had by all.

Inspired by all the Hemingway's in town we decided to tour his former home.
It's still home to dozens of six-toed cats.  They have full run of the property - inside and out.
Hubby enjoyed his birthday!

Next time, I'll show pictures of Mel Fisher's Treasures and the rest of our Key West birthday trip.


  1. Oh Candy that looks like so much fun!! And a really cute place to stay! My husband loved your hubbys shirt! I loved seeing Hemingway's home....My sofa looks a lot like his! *winks*
    Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby! Vanna

  2. Looks like a fun getaway! Lots going on that weekend.
    We really enjoyed the Mel Fisher museum when we were there many yrs. ago.
    Tell hubby Happy Birthday!

  3. Great post! We love Key West. Missed the Hemingway days, but have been there with the RV and in a B&B.

    It is a great time, as long as the Liver holds out:)

  4. HI Cindy! Oh, looks like so much fun! I've been to Key West a couple of times but haven't seen these places. The Ernest Hemingways are a hoot and those cats - I have seen some of them! Your hubby's shirt is so cute! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Hi Candy! I found this so interesting. We lived in Key West about 100 years ago. Hubby was stationed at the Key West Naval Air Station and it was before Jimmy Buffet made it popular. Then the downtown was mostly boarded up, no cutsy and Mallory Sq. was not what it is today. Also, limbo dancing on the bank parking lot across the street from Mallory was the entertainment. And the bridges were narrow, very narrow 2 lane. We have been back a few times-it is totally changed. Better stop...I'm dating myself.

  6. Brought back so many memories. Especially Burdines! Glad you had a good time...even if it was without me!

  7. Love Richard's shirt! I would think he would be mortified to eat at any establishment with a wrecked boat out front... ♥