Thursday, April 7, 2011

Last Weekend's Meanderings

Back to the Florida tour!  Hubby had 4 days last weekend and we made
the most of them.  First, on our "to do" list, was to find a Florida
souvenir shop  to buy t-shirts for the grandsons!
We found the first one just north of Juno Beach in Jupiter.
Even Richard had fun shopping.
We couldn't pass up this photo opportunity at another shop!
Then it was on to Stuart where we had fish tacos at Mulligan's Beach House.
This is the St. Lucie River at Stuart on it's way to the ocean.
On Saturday, Maggie got to spend the afternoon making friends
in the country while we continued our sightseeing.
The waves were rolling in at Jensen Beach ahead of the storm that would come through on Tuesday.  Notice the flags warning of high winds and rip currents.
Then it was time for a delicious lunch at Mangrove Mattie's on the water.
This was our view while we ate.
On Sunday morning we learned something - when driving to church
you need to allow time for possible drawbridge openings!

On Monday it was back on the trail of another souvenir shop.

Believe or not this is a Coast Guard Station! 
I thought it was so pretty I had to take a picture.
It was a busy weekend and we ran out of time (and energy!) to do
everything we wanted.  We'll have to save the Jupiter Lighthouse
and Museum for another weekend!


  1. Nice pictures! Can't wait to visit you! I really like the photo of Dad standing under the seagull and pelican in the gift shop. I think you should get one to hang up outside the door of your 5th wheel!

  2. Oh how pretty. I love the lighthouse. I will be there soon!!

  3. fish tacos -- Don't care which coast one's on!

    I've got a pic of Mr. Richard looking up at some birds like those, only they're live birds & he's on the back of a sailboat.

    When are you going sailing?

  4. Hi Candy,
    Sounds like you're having so much fun exploring and finding different places and things to do.
    Love the lighthouse and the coastguard station is beautiful.

  5. It's me again! I wanted to say Happy Anniversary! I just went back and saw your post.

  6. What fun!!! Looks like it was a nice day:).