Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Florida Home

This morning we're under a tornado watch and I'm in a trailer.  So wrong!  Anyway, I thought I'd give a little tour of my home here in Florida - while keeping an eye on the weather!
This is the sign greeting everyone coming into the park.

Here's the office where we check in and receive our mail.
We have all the comforts of home in our little trailer. 
This is the living room.  No piano, but there are two recliners
and a fold out couch for overnight visitors.
One thing that was important to hubby was the entertainment center.
The efficient kitchen.
Our bedroom even has a king-sized bed.
The bathroom is conveniently located right by the bedroom!
There's room for company in the dining room.
Ceekay, from Thinkin' of Home, suggested I bring along a few tea things because you never know when you might want to invite someone over for tea!
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my Florida home. 
Providing I don't blow away in the approaching storm, I'll be back
next week with pictures of the adventures from our 4 day weekend.


  1. Looks beautiful...I see the pillow! and the tea set up is gorgeous. Hey, you need to email me your addy. Have a safe and fun day...don't get blown away!!

  2. Cute place! Do they have shuffleboard?

  3. Harrison wants to know if you have any 'gators. He thinks that little lagoon looks to be a likely spot...

  4. Hi Candy...It all looks wonderful and fun! I NEED beach! Thankfully, I'll be in the Florida sunshine in about 6 weeks, can't wait. Winter is NEVER going to end in Michigan!

    Enjoy your darling little trailor and that sunny beach, Candy! Welcome to blogland! Your blog is so pretty and off to a great start!

    xoxo...Kathy (met you at Ceekays house a few years ago!)

  5. Touring your blog. This is wonderful! My sister and bil have purchased a trailer much like this very nice one. These are sure nice. Fun to see.