Friday, March 20, 2015

Monroe, Louisiana

Vicksburg is right on Mississippi's border with Louisiana so we have the opportunity of exploring both states while we are here.  We wanted to give Maggie a chance to spend the weekend at her new kennel so we took the opportunity to visit the Duck Dynasty gift shop in Monroe, Louisiana.

We found their shop not far off the freeway in an industrial area of West Monroe.  They have a separate parking lot for visitors so you have to walk across the lot you see on the show.

They have a couple large vehicles parked outside so you don't miss their place.

And, of course, there is the loading dock featured on several episodes of the show.

But, inside, is where the real action takes place - and it was crowded!  And, yes, I bought a duck call.  Several of them.

We had time to see one other place and Hubby chose the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum over a tour home.  Big surprise.

The museum is named after General Chennault, founder of World War II's Flying Tigers and a native of Monroe.

Inside, they had an excellent short film about the Flying Tigers and the service of our military men and women.  I don't mind telling you I had tears in my eyes afterward.

The museum is larger than it looks like on the outside and had displays on every war the United States has ever participated in.

They didn't forget women in the military either.

Hubby could have spent all day at this museum!

We had a good time in Louisiana - but next time, I'm looking at a house!


  1. Looks like a nice little museum, wish I had known it was so close back when we visited Vicksburg.

  2. Oh. So. Jealous! And that museum -- my boys would linger over every inch with Mr. Sweetmeanderings!