Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our New Arizona Home

We interrupt the regularly scheduled post about the trips we took, when Ceekay was visiting us in Pennsylvania, to tell about what we did when we flew to Arizona last week.

We closed on our new, predominantly, summer cabin in Pine.  That's Pine not Pinetop.  Pine is located near the smaller town of Strawberry about 20 miles north of Payson, the largest town in the mountains about two hours east of our home in the Valley of the Sun.

Our week home was a flurry of activities:  closing on the house, playing with the grandsons, running errands with my parents, and shopping for cabin furniture.

Finally, with the help of our son-in-law, Mike, and daughter, Dawn, we moved into our cabin where we spent the last few days of our trip.

Hubby got a chance to play rousing games of chess with our oldest grandson, Jacob, while settling into our new place.

Mike and Hubby set up the furniture in the guest room.

Then, Hubby rested in the living room.......

.....while Dawn and I made up the beds.

 I love my new kitchen and enjoyed cooking in it.  However, I did have to wash dishes by hand.  That's two refrigerators, European style, under the counter - not dishwashers.

The front sun porch is the perfect place to sit in the cool of the evening or to have your morning coffee.  We'll work on getting a proper patio set for this area at a later date.

Mike even got out the lawn mower and weed whacker and mowed the front and back yards.  Gotta love son-in-laws!

There wasn't time to decorate, or hang pictures, but I did get my stained glass hung in the bay window.  Hubby got it for me many years ago in St. Louis.

All too soon it was time to head back to Pennsylvania.  Hubby's got to pay for the cabin now!  Until we return, our daughters plan to make use of our little cabin in the mountains.  They're already scheduling their weekends!


  1. Congrats on your new home! Sounds like your kids are going to really enjoy it:))

  2. Such a sweet place. But it needs a tree on the brick!!

  3. You'll enjoy this treasure!
    Already showing signs of making it a HOME,