Monday, April 7, 2014

Staying Aboard The RMS Queen Mary

On Saturday, Hubby and I celebrated our 39th anniversary.  Unfortunately, Hubby celebrated in Pennsylvania while I am at home in Arizona.  But before we left for the wilds of Pennsylvania we had the wonderful opportunity of spending two nights in the opulent splendor of the Queen Mary.
The ship is now a tourist attraction and hotel in Long Beach, California - a mere 6 hour drive from the Phoenix area.
My enthusiastic friend Ceekay, from ThinkinofHome, and her hubby joined us on this adventure.
The Queen Mary's maiden voyage began May 27, 1936.  She was the first Cunard ship named after a living queen.
Winston Churchill was a frequent guest aboard the ship in peacetime and during World War II.
The Duke and Duchess of Windsor were also frequent guests and typically traveled with more than 120 pieces of luggage.  Mary Pickford, Marlene Dietrich, Fred Astaire, David Niven, Bob Hope, Clark Gable, Johnny Weissmuller, Loretta Young, Robert Montgomery, and Leslie Howard were just a few of the famous people who walked her decks.
The long corridors beckoned travelers to their accommodations aboard.
Naturally, we had to try the luxury of a first class cabin.
The polished wood hid lots and lots of storage.  Hubby said he could sail quite comfortably in this cabin on a transatlantic voyage.
Who else might have soaked in this tub?  The knobs on the right are for hot and cold water - both fresh and salt.  They still work!
After a little unpacking we went exploring!
The Queen Mary wasn't just a luxury cruise ship though.  During World War II she served as a troop ship.  Plotting a zigzag course and traveling without an escort, the Queen Mary eluded all torpedoes.
Soldiers were bunked all over the ship - even the first class lounge.
Hitler offered a prize to anyone who could sink her, but no U-boat commander was able to claim it.
Remembering her British heritage, we enjoyed a wonderful tea for lunch one day.
We tried all the wonderful restaurants on board but our favorite was Sir Winston's.
There was even time to pose for a pic before heading up the stairs.
The room was beautiful and the food was delicious!
All too soon it was time to leave this beautiful ship.  We truly felt like we had taken a little trip to a bygone era.
Tomorrow, my sister arrives from Iowa for a visit and after that Hubby returns to Arizona to take Maggie, the traveling dog, a car and myself back to Pennsylvania where our adventures will continue!


  1. I took a good picture of you guys...that's a framer for sure!!

  2. Sweet pic of the two of you in the red booth!
    I would love to take a cruise in such a beautiful ship.
    Fun to see all the details.