Monday, June 24, 2013

Mooresville - Oldest Town in Alabama

A week ago, Hubby and I spent a little time in Mooresville, Alabama seeing the sights and eating ice cream.  It's a town that dates to 1818, one year older than the state itself!
Built around 1840, Mooresville boasts the oldest post office in Alabama and everyone in this tiny town receives their mail in one of the 48 original boxes.  The U.S. government wanted to shut it down but, due to popular demand, agreed to let them keep limited hours - 7 to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday.
This brick church is even older than the post office (1839) and contains its original pews.  Although regular worship services no longer take place here, the historic structure is used for weddings and special occasions.  One of those occasions was the making of Disney's Tom and Huck.  In fact, the whole town stood in for Hannibal, Missouri in the movie.
However, the real purpose for our visit was to see the inside of this adorable little shop -
Lyla's Little House.
We had come to Mooresville when my friend, Ceekay, came for a visit but the shop was closed then.
Lyla's is only open Thursday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
There are only two rooms on the bottom floor where Lyla sells various items and her delicious homemade ice cream.  I know it's delicious because I had two different flavors!
Dating to about 1890, the home was built and owned by Uncle Zack Simmons, a black carpenter, and his wife, Aunt Mandy.
Our hostess and her husband bought it and, after doing some repairs, filled it with all sorts of goodies.
A steep narrow staircase leads to one room upstairs filled with even more treasures.
We had a wonderful visit with Lyla and some ladies from Huntsville that stopped in to do some shopping and ice cream eating.  Definitely worth the trip!
Over the weekend we visited three more plantations/mansions in the Nashville area. 
Stay tuned for more pics of some gorgeous homes!


  1. That is on my list if I ever make it there again....looks so cute!

  2. Great fun! Will be looking forward to seeing your pics. You sure have seen some neat places.

    So glad you've shared,

  3. ooooooooh! Love that old Mixmaster with jadite bowl/juicer down in the bottom of that glass case! What a delightful shop to browse.

    (Which flavors of her ice cream did you sample? & how many did Richard have?)