Tuesday, September 25, 2012

St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

Before Hubby and I hauled the 5th wheel home ahead of Hurricane Isaac we visited St. Augustine where we saw the lighthouse, built in the 1870's, and the home the lighthouse keepers, and their families, lived in.
Since working the lighthouse was a full time job, keepers lived on site with their families.  Wives, and children over 12, were also required to know how to run the site in the absence of the keepers.
This is actually the back of the house facing the lighthouse.  It was built in 1876.  Two smaller buildings on either side of the house are the kitchens.  The Head Keeper and his Assistant lived in the duplex and the 2nd Assistant Keeper lived in a room upstairs.
It isn't really known how the house was decorated so it has been restored and furnished with things the families might have had.  The winding staircase leads to the basement.
I sure wouldn't mind having that sofa in my living room!
I thought this dollhouse in the shape of a lighthouse was unique.
Here are some possible things they might have had to amuse themselves.
In the basement were even more exhibits.
After touring the house we headed across the yard to the lighthouse.
In addition to tending the lighthouse, the keepers had to maintain signal buoys and channel markers and attempt to rescue shipwrecked sailors.
These are just the beginning of 219 stairs.
Hubby and I took advantage of every landing to catch our breath!
I really wasn't sure I wanted to make the 14 story climb.  It's a long way!
Going higher........
.............and higher.
I made it!
A long way back down.
Back on ground we bid good-bye to St. Augustine and headed back to Juno Beach  -  but not before taking a picture of this fellow advertising a local alligator farm. 
I'm taking some time off from the grandkids and redecorating the family room to fly back to Florida this weekend to enjoy some time with Hubby.  See you next week!


  1. Hi Candy, Love these pics! There is nothing like seeing historic homes and landmarks. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful time with us.
    Have a great day!

  2. No way....too many steps for this ole girl. But good for you! and the decor in that place is gorgeous!!

  3. ah! at last! You take the couch, I'll take that gorgeous mantel! (unless, of course, the sofa were reupholstered in blue... In which case I'd lay claim to both items!))

  4. Great tour and pictures, it was like visiting the place again:)