Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Norweigian Sky - at Great Stirrup Cay

The second day of our Bahama adventure found us at Norwegian Cruise Line's own private island - Great Stirrup Cay

The cruise line has brought in a lot of extra sand, trees and rocks so there's still of lot of construction going on. But it didn't stop over a 1,000 people from exiting the ship to have a beach day!

After a hearty breakfast of eggs Benedict (this is for Ceekay's benefit!) we joined the throngs of passengers headed for white sandy beaches.

Two-story launches traveled continuously to and from the island all day.

We gladly joined the herd.

Photo op!

There were plenty of chairs around a clear bay for snorkeling.

A Royal Caribbean ship was anchored at their own private island nearby.

There was even a small straw market on the island so, naturally, I had to do a little shopping for the grand kids.

Shopping done, we waited for the next launch back to the ship.  Hubby found a comfortable chair in which to wait.

"Good-bye" Great Stirrup Cay!

Both ships were in view as we headed back to the Sky for the remainder of a very relaxing day.

The next morning found us docked in Nassau, capital of the 700 Bahama islands.  But I'll have to blog about that next week.  Right now I'm packing for a trip to Tampa, where we will step back in time to World War II when we board The American Victory Ship for a six hour cruise around Tampa Bay.  Another adventure awaits!


  1. Its been awhile since we've been on a cruise!! You are bringing back GREAT memories!! Your private island look so nice and peaceful. I know you all really enjoyed your day there!!
    Beautiful ship!!

  2. Oh man...I remember those egg benedicts....I want one so bad! Looks should have tried snokeling!!

  3. (mmmmmmmmmmmmm -- that 6-hour cruise aboard The American Victory Ship sounds so interesting! I know you'll get lots of pics!)

    What beautiful skies & seas! Richard looks very relaxed.

  4. Hi, Hubby and I went on a cruise(NCL)about 8 yrs ago to the eastern Carribean and had fun-also been to Sitrrup Cay. WE haven't cruised since and I might go on an Alaskan cruise, inland passage. I do get sea sick so that part wasn't fun.
    Thanks for sharing-you brought back memories for me.