Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pioneer Living History Museum

No, this post is not about someplace in Florida.  Pioneer Living History Museum is located 30 miles north of Phoenix.  It's a collection of buildings from the 1800's that have been moved here from all over the state.  While we were spending the holidays in Arizona, we decided to spend a day here accompanied by our grandson Jacob.   The following is just some of the many many pictures I took of just a few of the buildings.
We started out at the opera house, moved here from Prescott.  In the 1800's it hosted some pretty famous singers, including Lily Langtry.

Then we were off to the carpenter shop.

Jacob enjoyed looking at all the tools in this shop since his Dad is a carpenter!

I enjoyed looking at the contents of this dress shop.........

even if I don't particularly enjoy sewing.  However, I do enjoy clothes!

I also enjoyed looking at this Victorian house, moved here from Phoenix.

We had to be content with looking in through the doorway though.

Jacob enjoyed taking a little break on the front porch.

Hubby just enjoyed exploring with his oldest grandson!  This building was once a bakery in Phoenix.

They both loved looking at the old buildings............

although, sometimes, Jacob required a helping hand.

There's even a church where weddings are still performed.

I have wonderful memories of attending churches that looked just like this!

This was the 1878 boyhood home of Arizona Senator Henry Ashurst.

He lived in a pretty comfortable mountain cabin.

We saw more cabins but soon returned to the town area where we visited the bank.

Jacob tried to make a withdrawal.

They seemed to have plenty of money!

We finished up a wonderful day with a "goodbye" to Harold the Pig.

If you'd like to see more of Pioneer Living History Museum (and there's plenty more to see!) check out www.pioneeraz.org.


  1. Cute...I have never been there....have wanted to several times. Maybe I can convince someone to take me???!!!

  2. They seem to have more buildings than I remember. And a pig too? Looks like Jacob and Papa had fun!

  3. What a neat place to spend some time....neat place to visit. I like the house with the hallway that looks into the Dining room.

    I enjoy historical places like this.
    God bless,

  4. I love touring places like this with all the history! You took some great snaps!
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  5. It looks like a fun day with Jacob!
    What an educational outing for him, too!
    After sewing a lot lately, I sure am glad I wasn't using one of those
    older sewing machines in your pics. lol

  6. I love the tour you let us all take with you, thank-you!!!
    Dogs are very much like people with all ours & their differences!!!

  7. Oh my! I think one of the last times I went was when I was pregnant out to here with Zach -- so that would've been 18 years ago when I was teaching at Grace...