Thursday, May 26, 2011

Whitehall Mansion Part 4

This is the final installment of our tour of the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach.  I loved every room and, more than once, I thought I'd have to find some smelling salts for Ceekay when we were there.
It must have been wonderful to have been a guest at this palatial home.
Can you imagine stepping out of your room into the hallway?  I can. 
But back to business!
This is the Master Suite.  I'm sorry the picture is a little dark.  We were allowed to take pictures if we didn't use flash.
Mr. and Mrs. Flagler actually shared the suite, a practice uncommon at the turn-of-the-century - at least if you had money.  But, by all accounts, their marriage was a real love match despite their age difference.
The bedroom is decorated in the Louis XV style and this is their original furniture.
The suite has two separate dressing chambers.
Remember those 17 bathrooms on the second floor?  This one, in the Master Suite, is the one they shared.
It had the most advanced conveniences of the day, including indoor plumbing, telephone, tub, and shower.
After touring inside, Ceekay and I headed to the Flagler Kenan Pavilion where we were to enjoy a Mother's Day Tea.
I'm pretty sure we were a little light-headed from everything we had seen inside!
But first we toured Flagler's private railcar, Railcar No. 91, built in 1886.  It is exhibited inside the Pavilion.  It is one of two private railcars Flagler used to survey his railroad empire.  He traveled by this car in 1912 to Key West to celebrate completion of the Over-Sea Railroad.
A newspaper article written at the time of its delivery called the railcar "A Palace on Wheels."
Our final stop of the day was the Cafe des Beaux-Arts, also inside the Pavilion, where we enjoyed a Mother's Day Tea complete with corsages, a souvenir picture and gift card to the museum gift shop.  We definitely used that!  I think Ceekay would agree with me that it was a wonderful day!



  1. See, you get me missing Florida all over again!

  2. All that money and they still shared the same bathroom? Boy, that's love! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. :-)

  3. (hahaha - Dawn!)

    Thanks for a marvelous tour! If I ever get that far east/south this mansion is def on my must-see list.

  4. I think Melody wants 15 more bathrooms now. Thanks


  5. These are lovely pictures! This reminds me of Biltmore House in North Carolina - exquisite. Thank you for sharing!