Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Out of Africa Wildlife Park

The weekend after we visited Knott's Berry Farm with our oldest grandson, we headed north to Out of Africa Wildlife Park with the remaining two grandsons.
The park is located about an hour's north of Phoenix, away from any homes.  Who wants to hear lions roar in the middle of the night?!
Five year old Joshua was ready for photo ops.
One year old Caleb was eager to see the animals.  Hubby obliged with a closer look.
First up was an open-air bus ride where everyone got to feed a giraffe.
"Get back here giraffe!  I want to feed you!"
Joshua loved feeding him.
This baby zebra was quite entertaining too.
The park specializes in big cats.  They even had a show where some of the zoo keepers swam with tigers.

They have a lot of other animals from Africa too.
Naturally, Hubby had to make sure Joshua got to pet the giant albino python.
Joshua enjoyed the prairie dog village too.
For the more adventurous there is a zip line traveling over the animal enclosures.
At the end of the day, parents and grandparents were dragging but these two were still going strong.
In a couple of weeks we'll be heading the 5th wheel to Pennsylvania for a new job at Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant.  What new adventures await?!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Knott's Berry Farm

Over the long President's day weekend we made a little trip over to California and visited Knott's Berry Farm.  It was originally an actual berry farm in Buena Park that started a chicken restaurant.  The restaurant became so popular that they started a little amusement park to keep customers entertained while they were waiting to be seated.  Today it is a large amusement park with a distinctly family atmosphere - and the same fabulous chicken restaurant.
Until April, Knott's is offering tickets at half price with a portion of the proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  That's a deal we had to take advantage off!
The Peanuts comic strip is the cartoon of choice around here.
Our grandson, Jacob, loves his cartoon characters.
However, his favorite was Snoopy.
The exciting rides are another big draw.
A lot of them had to be ridden more than once.
And there are a lot to choose from!
Jacob and Mike (our son-in-law) even made new friends at the park.
Waiting in line for a ride isn't so bad when you have someone to snuggle with.
The roller coaster riders rested on some of the slower rides with Hubby and me.  Those included the train and .....
.....the stagecoach (a personal favorite).
Hubby and I also went to some of the excellent shows in the park.  This one was the stunt show.
This was a musical comedy show.  It was hilarious.  We saw it twice!
These were four brothers and, boy, could they sing!  They did everything from hillbilly music to the Beatles.
We didn't quite close the park but we went as long as we could.  A great time was had by all!