Thursday, April 28, 2011

We Get Visitors

We have been enjoying the wildlife here in Florida.  It is quite different from the animals and birds we see regularly at our home in Arizona.  We don't have to go very far either.  Several of them like to drop by our trailer for visits from time to time.
These two drop by the trailer every evening now and wait for dinner.  If we happen to be gone - no problem.  They'll wait until we get home.  I guess they know an easy touch when they see one!
Now that we've moved across the pond, we're on the same side as the iguanas so I can get better pictures.  They live a few spaces away and like to take walks toward our trailer.
They don't like anyone to get very close.  They usually take off in a funny run with their long tail flying when anyone approaches.
This one preferred to swim all the way across the pond, then back, rather than let me get too close.  He was an excellent swimmer!
On a recent bicycle ride around the neighborhood, we came across even more wildlife.
We have these in Arizona!
Maggie tried making friends with this Gopher Tortoise on one of our walks.  The tortoise wasn't too interested in meeting Maggie though.
Tomorrow, after watching the Royal wedding, we're heading north along the coast to try and catch sight of the shuttle launch.  Hopefully, it won't be too cloudy to get some pictures.  Then next week Ceekay, from Thinkin' of Home, comes to visit.  I anticipate a busy week!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

This weekend was short and busy.  Our son-in-law, Mike, wondered what Hubby would do without yard work to keep him busy.  Somehow he always finds something to do!
We started Saturday morning with a delicious and filling breakfast at the Juno Beach Cafe.  Our friend, Shirley is pretty sure we're eating our way across Florida - and she may be right!
Next, Richard went to work scrubbing the bug juice off the front of the 5th wheel. 
It looks much better now without the remains of our trip from Arizona.
On Sunday, after a wonderful Resurrection service at Tequesta First Baptist Church, we tried a new (new to us anyway) seafood restaurant called Schooners.
In the afternoon, we decided to get out of the trailer for a while and took a drive to Lake Okeechobee, part of the Intercoastal Waterway across Florida.
Maggie got her feet wet and burned off some energy.
Nearby, we found Cypress Plantation.  I could only take pictures from the road since there were big No Trespassing signs up.  I'm sorry the picture is a little blurry.  It is on the National Register of Historic Places.  I wish I could see inside!
I'll be posting more later in the week of some unusual "friends" we've made.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Road Trip!

Last weekend, we checked Maggie into the doggie motel and hubby and I headed for the Tampa area.  We had a wonderful time visiting my favorite aunt and uncle and cousins who we had not seen for several years.
We arrived at my cousin Patty's house in time for the delicious lunch she had prepared.
I got to meet my youngest, and cutest, cousin, Julianne.  That's her on the right with her parents Stephen and Jamie, Patty's daughter.  I'll have an even younger cousin in a few weeks when her baby brother is born!
It was so good to see my Aunt Dorinda and Uncle Leslie (my Dad's brother).
Everything was so lush and green.
Patty's house is on a lake filled with fish and, yes, alligators.  Their church has baptisms here and someone is always on "gator watch," whistle in hand!
At sundown, we had a big dinner around the picnic table out by the lake.  They kept the fan going over the table and the air movement kept the mosquitos away.
All too soon our visit was over and we were back on the road to Juno Beach - but not before we stopped at a roadside stand and picked up some wonderful fruit and vegetables.  Hubby surprised me taking my picture before I loaded him down with purchases. 
We had such a good time, we'll be headed back to Tampa again soon!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From a Dog's Point of View

We didn't do much last weekend, since Hubby only had 2 days, so I thought I'd show you how Maggie, the travelling dog, spent the weekend and introduce you to some of the local residents.
She was happy that we spent most of the weekend with her!
Richard and Maggie were a little slow getting started Saturday morning.
Then, there was time to relax by the pond and watch the other residents.
This American Black Duck is a regular at the pond and quickly waddles on over if he thinks he might get fed.
He's often accompanied by his friend.
Even the Florida Soft-Shelled Turtles in the pond love handouts.
And the Florida Red-Bellied Turtles crowd right in there with them.
The pond even has the occasional visitor.
Look closely and you can see two of the iguanas that live around the pond.  We'll be moving the trailer to a permanent spot over on that side of the pond next week so I'll try to get a better picture.  According to the internet, large iguanas (these were over 3 ft. long) have over run south Florida.  They are not native to
the area, but were pets that people released and they quickly multiplied.
After the proper rest time, we took a walk in a preserve area next door to the resort.
Then it was time for a nap on the couch. 
This weekend, Maggie will be making friends again at the Contented Canine so Hubby and I can visit my cousins and Aunt and Uncle in the Tampa area.  It should be a good time for all.  Pictures next week!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Last Weekend's Meanderings

Back to the Florida tour!  Hubby had 4 days last weekend and we made
the most of them.  First, on our "to do" list, was to find a Florida
souvenir shop  to buy t-shirts for the grandsons!
We found the first one just north of Juno Beach in Jupiter.
Even Richard had fun shopping.
We couldn't pass up this photo opportunity at another shop!
Then it was on to Stuart where we had fish tacos at Mulligan's Beach House.
This is the St. Lucie River at Stuart on it's way to the ocean.
On Saturday, Maggie got to spend the afternoon making friends
in the country while we continued our sightseeing.
The waves were rolling in at Jensen Beach ahead of the storm that would come through on Tuesday.  Notice the flags warning of high winds and rip currents.
Then it was time for a delicious lunch at Mangrove Mattie's on the water.
This was our view while we ate.
On Sunday morning we learned something - when driving to church
you need to allow time for possible drawbridge openings!

On Monday it was back on the trail of another souvenir shop.

Believe or not this is a Coast Guard Station! 
I thought it was so pretty I had to take a picture.
It was a busy weekend and we ran out of time (and energy!) to do
everything we wanted.  We'll have to save the Jupiter Lighthouse
and Museum for another weekend!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Today is Our 36th Wedding Anniversary

I'm taking a break from my Florida tour to announce that our
36th Wedding Anniversary is today. 
I am truly blessed to be married to the love of my life and best friend. 
We've had some wonderful adventures together in the last 36 years.
My mother always said to marry someone with a sense of humor.
We've been blessed with two beautiful daughters and sons-in-laws. 
They've each given us a wonderful grandson to spoil - and then give back!
Thank you, Lord, for the many blessings in my life!
I'm looking forward to the next 36 years together
and the adventures they may bring!