Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back to My Blog - Finally!

This past month has had it's share of excitement to say the least.  No sooner had our daughter Gayle's family returned to Arizona, my Dad had a massive stroke and surgery for a huge blood clot on his brain.  Hubby and I hurriedly drove to Hannibal, Missouri where I stayed for two weeks visiting my Dad in the hospital and helping my Mom run their bed and breakfast.  Our daughter, Dawn, flew in to be with us and we enjoyed some quality Mother/Daughter time before she flew back to Phoenix.  I'll share those pictures later but first I wanted to remember the wonderful time we had when Gayle's family visited us here in Juno Beach last month.

There's nothing like a good lovey and Papa's lap to make a grandson happy.

We enjoyed Lion Country Safari so much last year we just had to return this year.

"Shhh!  You might scare the animals."

As we drove slowly through the park, this giraffe thought he might find something interesting in the bed of our truck.

No self respecting theme park is complete without a water area to play in!

We had to visit the turtles at the Loggerhead Marine Center to see how Joshua measured up this year.

Since you're not allowed to ride on the real turtles they provide an alternative.

Naturally, we had to do a little shopping......

..........and take a few pictures. 
And, yes, in case you're wondering, our daughter Gayle with be presenting us with another grandson in October.

One day, when it wasn't raining, we visited the Busch Animal Sanctuary.

Joshua kept Papa on track with his map reading skills.

On our way home from the sanctuary, Joshua and his Daddy, Jason, couldn't pass up another photo opportunity alongside the road.

Jason had a chance to photograph some alligators on a boat ride up the Loxahatchee River.

Then we spotted some baby alligators at Grassy Waters Preserve.  Look closely and you'll see baby alligators on each side of the boat ramp just above the water.

But, of course, no visit to Florida would be complete without the beach.

We hated to see them go back to Arizona but we'll be seeing them soon.  We'll be heading our truck and trailer home come Labor Day.  Now, I just have to get caught up on blogging!